Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders: You need money now, we have it

21 Jan

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Request for the payday loan online direct lender

Request by phone

Of course, you can also fill out your payday loan application by phone with our expert. Call now: (800) 515-2429.

We will gladly call you back. Simply send us your name, phone number and hours at your convenience by email.

Credit application via the Internet

Simply fill out our online credit form and you will quickly receive a free, no-obligation credit offer by mail.

Credit application by mail

Just fill out our pdf credit form and send it to us by mail. You will quickly receive a free credit offer without commitment.

Here are the documents needed to process your credit application:

  • Valid ID (ID card or passport)
  • For foreigners (residence permit B or C)
  • The last 3 counts of salary
  • If you want to buy back a loan, the credit agreement
  • If you are married, the same documents concerning the spouse

Your credit application will be processed immediately and a credit offer will be sent to you within 24 hours.

This is only possible if your file is complete.

Advance decision

We analyze your needs and design together with the best financing strategy. For you, we are looking for offers from all potential financial partners. Your advisor will review with you the offers received and you will choose together the most attractive.

You receive within 24 hours an answer with the preliminary decision of your request.

Offer by mail

You receive your personal credit offer by mail. Sign the credit agreement – attach the requested documents – send it back – done!


Payment takes place after the 14 days legal withdrawal period. After this period you can collect your money from the bank branch or have it transferred to your bank or postal account.

Frequently asked questions when applying for credit:

Who can make a loan?

All persons over 20 years of age with a permanent residence in Switzerland, who receive a regular salary and who have been working with their current employer for at least 3 months.

You will learn more here about the Credit Terms as well as the most common special cases.

Frequently asked questions?

No questions remain unanswered here. In our “Frequently Asked Questions” area, we have grouped questions by theme so that you can find an answer to your questions as quickly as possible.

What are the necessary documents?

Regardless of your personal situation and the desired form of credit, we always need the following documents:

  • Copy of a valid ID
  • For foreigners: Establishment permit (at least 6 months in Switzerland)
  • The last 3 counts of salary
  • If you are married, the same documents regarding the spouse.

Here you will find our detailed checklist of the documents that are needed to process a credit application. Other documents may be required for a particular occupation or special family situation.