Personal Loan

22 Nov

As part of its Personal Loan program, offers Argentine citizens the opportunity to finance what they need for the security and comfort of their own and your family.

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That’s why he opens the loan , with which you can buy the computer you need.


The Personal Loan offers the possibility of acquiring a personal computer, enjoying benefits such as:

  • Delivery of equipment without charge.
  • Suitable financing for the applicant.
  • The possibility of accessing state-of-the-art equipment.

This loan is available to the public in general, those assigned to the Salary Plan of , those who have agreements with a discount on contributions to salaries, retirees and pensioners.

It offers a maximum amount of $ 30,000 for the acquisition of personal computers from EXPO Informática. The terms for the payment of this loan are:

  • For clients that agree to the debit of the account in the summary of the credit cards issued by the Bank, the term is up to 40 months.
  • For the other forms of payment, the term is up to 24 months.

The interest rates applicable to this loan are:

  • General Public: 14% Fixed Annual Nominal Rate.
  • Salary Plan: 10% fixed TNA.
  • Agreements for discount of contributions in salaries: 10% fixed TNA.
  • Charged debit of the BNA credit card: 10% fixed TNA.

The impact of income must be up to 25% of the net income of the applicant. Early or partial cancellation is accepted, without any commission. The collection of fees may be:

  • Charged to the summary of BNA credit cards.
  • With debit in the savings bank or in the account where the applicant receives his assets.
  • With a discount on payroll contributions when they negotiate agreements with the company or employers’ organizations.

The maintenance charges of the Savings Bank will have a 50% bonus for the general public. In the case of debits from the salary account, the collection will be automatically implemented.


Employees in a dependency relationship must have seniority of:

  • Permanent Plant: 6 months in the current job, with verifiable continuity of one year.
  • Temporary and Contracted Plant: 2 years of seniority in current employment and with current contract.

The self-employed registered in the Income Tax must have 1 year of exercise in the profession or trade as of the presentation of the first DDJJ Profit. Monotributistas must have 2 years of professional practice.


To apply for the Personal Loan, the applicant must go with his ID, a public service bill and all documentation proving his income or tax payments for the last 3 to 6 months, and specialized documentation depending on the applicant.